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Phantoms Royal Blade World's First Futuristic Skeleton Automatic Mechanical Watch
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We are proudly presenting you “The World’s First Futuristic Skeleton Automatic Watch” from Phantoms. The Blade Series is our first skeleton watch and it is a truly innovative authentic design. With inspiration taken from futuristic objects such as post-apocalypse cyborg, heavy armor artificial intelligence machines. We want to bring a post modern sensation to your wrist. Pre-Order is available here now.





Phantoms Tourbillon Mechanical Watches Trinity Force Apocalyptic Force Storm Force
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Boundaries Breaking – Force Series Official Launch Hong Kong Watch Fair 2016

During the Hong Kong Watch Fair 2016 in September, we had a launch event of the Force Series. The Trinity Force had some positive feedback from expertise in the industry and many watch enthusiasts during the product launch. Being one of the very few brands where we stand out from the rest of the watches, we are proud and motivated. Many of our supporters and friends also came to visit our booth where we greatly appreciate it. We also met a few journalists who appreciate the watches we have and complemented on the quality of the watches especially on the polishing and the movement. It was a great success and we decided to launch another Kickstarter Campaign very soon with the Force Series. Stay tuned.

The World's First Mechanical Tourbillon Watch - Phantoms Dark Soul & Knights Soul On Kickstarter Are Successfully Funded.
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Successfully Funded On Kickstarter!

Today is the day our Kickstarter campaign ended. We appreciate all the backers who appreciate what we have created. There are also many valuable opinoins and comments to show us how to create a better Kickstarter campaign. In this case, we might be launching another campaign soon. We also want to thank all of those who made this happened. The Phantoms Lab crew members put in a lot of hours in making this happen. There are also individuals who reviewed our watches and gave us valuable feedback on the watches. Creating something from nothing is definitely a long journey.
We will continue to update any news & releases, especially on the new design and concept. We also welcome our supporters to contact us to let us know your feedback. Subscribe to our news letter would allow us to connect with you, and pre-release any information about our latest design.


Phantoms Lab - Futuristic Luxury Sporty Tourbillon Wrist Watch
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The Knights Soul Revealed

We are very excited to reveal this new color of the Soul series and it is available now to those who would want to support us.

The Knights Soul is the tourbillon embodiment of courage. Every time you don the Knight Soul, it acts as a constant reminder that you’ve fearlessly peered through the shadow. Each winding of the crown represents the bold steps you take through the overwhelming darkness, and every second that passes signifies the bravery blazing in you that allows you to persevere.
*Important note for existing backers*
1. Super Early Bird & Early Bird backers do not need to change their pledge/reward. Simply message us and let us know you want to change to the Knights Soul. No extra charge needed.
2. Kickstarter Mechanical Lover Deal ($2400 CAD) & Collector Deal ($2600) Backers would need to change the pledge to the newly created pledges for the Knights Soul. No extra charge needed.

The World's First Mechanical Tourbillon Watch On Kickstarter
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Official Kickstarter Campaign Launch

On February 1, 2016 12:00pm, we launched our first Kickstarter campaign and it was a success thanks to all the support and appreciation. Within seconds, the first backer has pledged toward our campaign. Within 15 minutes, the campaign has already reached 50%. Within 4 hours, the campaign is already fully funded.

It was an incredible day for us and words can not express our feelings. We also understand some of you might have questions toward our campaign, so feel free to send us an email or ask us anything on Kickstarter! We promise to keep everyone informed and up to date with all of our insider news and up coming design concept!

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The World’s First Tourbillon Watch On Kickstarter


It is official, the world’s first tourbillon watch will be launching on Kickstarter to help us with the production of this beautiful watch.

As we all know how expensive luxury mechanical watches can be, they are expensive for a reason, but we would want to take this chance to make it affordable for our fans & VIPs.
The Dark Soul, our first tourbillon watch, after 2 years of research and development, will be available soon on Kickstarter.  The Dark soul is made of hundreds hours of labor, with the finest craftsmen and uniquely designed in Hong Kong, the center of Asia. 
The mechanical movement inside has a 42 hours of power reserve, 23 jewels, and a tourbillon showing at 6 o’clock. Retrograde week & date indicator are shown respectively at 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock. The watch is manual winding to let users to feel the mechanical movement inside the timepiece, as well as featuring luminous indexes to show the time in the dark. The case and the strap are both made with high quality stainless steal metal featuring an aerodynamic streamline design resembling speedboats on the ocean. Fusing the skillfully made movement with the modern stylish design watch case.
Our goal is to make you look stylish with class as if you are driving your dream car. The perfect combination to your style is a perfect watch that shows the accuracy of time, but also to show your success in life.

We will be launching the Kickstarter Campaign soon, but the exact date will be announced soon. So subscribed to our VIP news letter and you will get your first hand news about our KickStarter campaign with amazing rewards.


Phantoms Tourbillon Watch Brand, The World's First Mechanical Soul. Men and Women Luxury Elegant Sporty Watches Collection. Based In Hong Kong, Chinese Watch Making At its Finest.
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Phantoms Lab is where all the creation of Phantoms products are created. It is also  a place for you to explore the newest products in detail. We will also put up all the great news here to share with all of our VIPs and fans. If you wish to connect with us. Feel free to like our Facebook Page or Follow our Instagram to get to know us more.


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Finally, after months of hard work, the prototype of our first Tourbillon watch prototype has arrived. The Soul series consisting of hundreds of individual parts with a Tourbillon inside to create this elegant luxury beauty.


The Dark Soul, which is the first model from the Soul series, uses our original movement PH84 and features 2 indicators along with the self-rotating authentic tourbillon.  We have incoporate our innovative design with the inspiration taken from modern watercraft to show the aesthetic look of the meaningful life in this complex mechanical soul container. Keep on sailing and you will not be in the exact same location as time flies by. For more information, check out the Dark Soul here.