Understand Phantoms


Phantoms promotes a futuristic fantasy for those who love conceptual style watches. We make watches that are unrealistically complicated in both design and engineering aspects. Fusing both traditional craftsmanship and modern technology to suit the holistic relationship between the movement and the exterior of the watch. Each timepiece we create has it’s own soul, bringing out different attributes & power to the owner of the watch. We deliver the art & science of watchmaking to your soul, embracing the uniqueness of ourselves through the art we create. We break boundaries, encourage new ground breaking style that lead the trend of modern timepieces. Our goal is to introduce the aesthetic of craftsmanship to those who truly appreciate the complication of mechanical watches. The luxurious level you feel can be found through Phantoms watches.  

We can’t sell time, but we sell legacy.


We live in the present and we create history. Our children and grandchildren will be reminded about us and our legacy. We are here to create meaningful history for the future. You are who they look up to and you are representing the 21st century. When you see the creation of Phantoms, you know it’s a 21st century luxury art. Time is a concept, but through our first tourbillon wristwatch, we created an art allowing people to see the movement of time. 


It’s more of an art piece than a timepiece.


We create art with passion. We are referred as the Hidden Dragon, rising to the above with our unique iconic timepiece. Each watch has its value to empower owner. We have a vision where we don’t care what others think, we are here to create what we think is the best. Only those who bear the same mindset would appreciate our wrist watch.  We are here to create a once in a life time meaningful experience for you and that is exactly what we aim for.

Create your own legacy.


As the famous saying goes, “The watch you wear tells a lot about you”. People remember what you wear and they can tell your personality from the wrist watch you own. What kind of a person are you?

We will create a unique piece of wrist watch specifically only for YOU. Engrave your proud family name on the watch and eventually pass it on to your children. A dream watch that suits you and your style with the complication you want. We can custom tailor made a watch to encourage your creativity with our expertise in creating comfortable handsome looking watch.