A Complex Mechanical Soul


We believe the perfect Phantoms Tourbillon Watch must consist both
traditional craftsmanship and modern technologic engineering
to suit the holistic relationship between
the movement and the exterior of the watch.

 The beginning of a stroke


  The first Phantoms Tourbillon Watch started with an idea sketched on paper, followed by multiple revisions on a virtual model, and finally became a prototype that was built like no other tourbillon.

   After 2 years of research & development of the first prototype of Phantoms, The complex mechanical soul will finally arrive to the market in the first quarter of 2016. The innovative process allows Phantoms to create it’s own unique tourbillon movement PH84 with the help of the well-known skillful craftsmen in the area, hand made piece by piece in the heart of Asia. Our headquarter is based in Hong Kong – the city of Watches & Wonders connecting as a bridge from the East to the West.

 It’s Art & Science


   Phantoms goal is to introduce the aesthetic of the craftsmanship to those who appreciate the complication of mechanical watches. The luxurious level you feel can be found through Phantoms Tourbillon watches.

   Delivering the art and science of watchmaking to your soul. The flexibility in Phantoms style and innovative ideas allow us to produce unique and cutting-edge timepieces.

The Soul 


     Every single piece of Phantoms Tourbillon Watch produced are handcrafted & manual assembled in it’s unique manner. The design can be the same, but each timepiece has it’s own soul. That is exactly what we believe in, we are all ultimately different in every aspect.

   Embracing the uniqueness in every piece of art we produced. We break boundaries, promoting new ground breaking style that lead the trend of modern timepiece.