Phantoms Apocalyptic Force Flying Tourbillon Mechanical Watch

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The Apocalyptic Force. Fear and chaos has a place in every story, and the Apocalyptic Force harnesses that energy into a power for change. Any wielder that puts on the Apocalyptic Force feels their rage burn inside them like a hot fire blazing in the night. This rage will carry them on a rampage of epic proportions, helping them lift their feet one step at a time to their goal, whatever it may be. 

The Apocalyptic Force is a mixture of metallic elements, geometry and complexity. The time-coffin shaped watch is a proud flagship model created originally by Phantoms. Inspiration focuses on how each second is gone without a second chance, it acts as a constant reminder to make the best out of this moment. A futuristic design focuses on heavy armored cyborg sensation, being one of the most iconic watch in the 21st century. It represents the modern complex human invention with the intention to be the high-end sporty timepiece of our time.

This mechanical flagship Force series feature a vividly displayed flying tourbillon self-spinning within the cage to show every second visually. While the top disc shows the 12 hours of the day, the signature 3 pointer minute hand with the luminous tip shows the exact minute of the hour. Within such confined space, the multi-layered metallic watch dial is where the complexity lies. Precise calculation is crucial for endless possibility. 21 real jewels are also used to reduce friction and to reduce wear of the gears inside the watch movement. With the aim to last for decades, we also use anti-glare sapphire glass to protect the watch for a great period of time.

Limited to 100 pieces in the world only.

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Weight 170 g
Dimensions 54 × 41.6 × 15.5 mm
Winding Method
Power Reserve
Water Resistant
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Band Material
Glass Material
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