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Dark Soul [Limited Edition]


Dark Soul is a title only some can handle, A testament to the hardships and battle one has gone through, this tourbillon watch is for one who travels the world alone in search of oneself. Those who choose to embrace the Dark Soul wears the weight of the world on their wrist, knowing that while the world might be against them, they can persevere through the darkness.

The first Phantoms tourbillon watch ever released, Dark Soul, is a mechanical watch that consists of more than 180 pieces of individually and manually assembled components. Combining chronological theory and aesthetic design, our tourbillon watches provides the accuracy of time while displaying the beauty of dynamic luxury with a complex human invention.

The Dark Soul requires special structural design and focuses on the high manufacturing accuracy. The high standard of quality is our priority.With the use of 316L stainless steel casing, it is the best to protect the movement from impact, with a long lifespan and high strength to weight ratio to prevent scratches. There are 23 real jewels in the movement is to reduce friction and to reduce wear.

Our watches aim to last for decades, so we use real rubies to make sure the metal in the movement will last longer. Rubies are installed on all the pivot points in the gear train and the anti-shock settings.  The immensely scratch resistant feature of the sapphire glass greater enhanced the durability of the Dark Soul.

Limited to only 100 pieces available in the world.

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Weight 260 g
Dimensions 59 × 50 × 14.6 mm
Winding Method
Power Reserve
Water Resistant
Case Material
Band Material
Glass Material
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