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The Knights Soul Revealed

The Knights Soul Revealed

We are very excited to reveal this new color of the Soul series and it is available now to those who would want to support us.

The Knights Soul is the tourbillon embodiment of courage. Every time you don the Knight Soul, it acts as a constant reminder that you’ve fearlessly peered through the shadow. Each winding of the crown represents the bold steps you take through the overwhelming darkness, and every second that passes signifies the bravery blazing in you that allows you to persevere.
*Important note for existing backers*
1. Super Early Bird & Early Bird backers do not need to change their pledge/reward. Simply message us and let us know you want to change to the Knights Soul. No extra charge needed.
2. Kickstarter Mechanical Lover Deal ($2400 CAD) & Collector Deal ($2600) Backers would need to change the pledge to the newly created pledges for the Knights Soul. No extra charge needed.

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